Is small better?

This is probably the most delightful feeling that came with my first steps in international sales development, over 10 years ago now. This feeling that the world is not that big, that it is actually possible to be at the other end of our planet within a few hours, and to get by with it.

This feeling that all over the world, there are passionate people who care about their business and wish to grow it. When people and companies are bound together by this will of developing their activity, there are very few things that can get in their way.

I fell into international sales development by curiosity at first. I come from a small town in south west of France, where exporting is everything but a natural expanding strategy. Growing up amongst fantastic local products that very few people know outside our area, I set myself into one target : understanding what makes international sales development so challenging, and studying how to overcome these issues.

The deeper I got into it, the more passionate I became as the world did feel like a smaller place, and exporting actually is very exciting. Of course, going global is not an easy task. It requires strong foundations (good concept / product / brand), perseverance, willpower, pragmatism and a solid action plan. One must learn from mistakes that will happen along the way, and try not to give up when a difficulty appears (and it will, many will…)

But this is all worth it. Export sales represent a great growth potential for small businesses. I am not talking here about heavy industries, or huge multinationals with branches all over the world. This blog is about smaller, human-sized companies : processors, producers, artisans, manufacturers, and any small & medium-sized businesses who might get the misleading feeling that developing their activity overseas is not set for them.

Through my experience, I have come across great companies, and amazing people, passionate about their work. Should you find the right partner, who shares the same values, motivation and attachement to a product or project, the world will definitely feel like a smaller place, in which many things become possible.

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Author: Helene

Export-enthusiast, travel-addict, I like blogging on international development, marketing and export strategies for SMEs and Startups! I am also an optimistic World citizen!

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